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Don’t have a completed product yet? No problem! Show us what you’ve got, and if we believe in what you’re doing, we’ll do our part in helping get it done. We work with our partners through every step of the development process. Need assistance with custom resources, playtesting, or anything else? We’ve got you covered. When your content is ready to be submitted to the Marketplace, we’ll work with the Marketplace team to get it reviewed. By this point, both we and the Marketplace team will hold you to the same standards as any other partner, so be prepared for some hard work.

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Recommended uploads are world files, images, video or any other documents or resources you believe shows us what type of content you produce. Any binary files or executables besides the world files will be ignored. Max Size 45MB.

All partners need to either be over the age of 18, or over the age of 16 with parent or legal guardians permission.
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