Pathway Studios

Who We Are

We believe everyone should have the chance for their creations to be seen by the world. With our long history of community involvement and map making, we know how to best showcase your creations and make sure they meet their fullest potential. We want to make sure every independent creator has an opportunity to release their content and have it seen by players across the globe. You should have access to the same resources and opportunities the large studios do. That’s why we’re here. You have potential, and we have resources. Let’s work together to give you the success you deserve.

How it Works

The Minecraft Marketplace is a great way to earn money from the time and energy you put into your content and have fun while doing it. Unfortunately, the Marketplace is nearly inaccessible to even the most skilled independent Minecraft content creators. That’s where we come in.

You keep the rights to your content. We’re just here to take care of all the background stuff so you can focus on what you’re good at: Making great stuff. Just like direct partners of Minecraft, you get to choose how much your map will cost. We’ll take a small percentage of sales to cover our expenses and the rest of the proceeds go directly to you.


Whether you’re about to place your first block or your last, we are here to work with you. Apply today and let us help you realize your dream of getting your map out to countless Minecrafters around the world through the Minecraft Marketplace!

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